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Research & Initiatives

Our commitment to advincing the science of transdermal delivery is grounded in research science.

From our earliest days we realized that the introduction of paradigm-shifting technology would not necessarily be readily received.  

Once we were satisfied that our platform was broadly applicable, be began to serach for institutions who knew the space and were willing to add value to our efforts to accomplish regulatory approval and ultimately commercialize our science.

Our search led us to The William Harvey Institute at Barts and the London NHS.  The Late Professor Derek Willoughby, Dr. Chandan A.S. Alam, Dr. Michael Seed and Dr. Adrian Moore, endeavored to assist us by providing innovative pre-clinical research assistance which built our portfolio of proof-of-concept studies, ultimately enabling us to progress a collaboration to human clinical studies for several of our candidates.  Over a period of years more than $1.5 million dollars of grants were made to the Department.

We are indebted to Dr. Alam, Seed, Moore and the late Professor WIlloughby who believed our story, supported our work and provided value and reflected credibility in our early days.

Clinical Research

Langford Research is an FDA-registered Clinical Research site and is a member of the WCG Avoca Quality Consortium (AQC).  Membership in the consortium commits LRI to the highest standards of Good Clinical Practice.

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